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Away We Go…


Photo: Ten Speed Press

It’s hard to believe that in just three months my first book, Bitters, will be out there in the wild. As an author, this is the dark side of the moon phase—there are no more edits or revisions; the layout and design are locked in; the book is off being printed; and my publisher’s publicity, marketing, and sales teams are pitching this admittedly esoteric, mildly obsessive book of mine to magazines and media outlets, bloggers and websites, radio and television, and booksellers and online retailers. While the book is done, my work has only just begun. I’ve written scores of handwritten notes on my best correspondence stock (fact: my handwriting is illegible) to include with copies of the galleys, and I’m e-mailing all of my friends and contacts to spread the good word (if you haven’t already heard from me, don’t worry, you will). But I’m doing my best, too, to enjoy this “quiet” time of radio silence, while Bitters is still something for readers to wonder about rather than have in their hands or behind the bar. Until then…


  1. Just got sent your book. A few things you forgot . Nelsen’s Hall, Bitters Pub never closed during prohibition, due to the sale of Angostura Bitters. During prohibition Tom Nelsen applied for and was granted a pharmacists license and dispensed his stomach tonic(angostura bitters) . This makes Nelsen’s Hall, Bitters Pub the oldest legally continuously operated tavern in the state of Wisconsin maybe the whole united states. Drinking Angostura Bitters is still a tradition on the island today. More than 10,000 people each year join the Bitters Club by drinking a shot of Bitters,
    receiving a membership card and signing the register at Nelsen’s Hall.
    Nelsen’s Hall was built by Tom Nelsen in 1899.

  2. Rogerio Igarashi 12/14/2011

    I just got your book . We got a bunch of bitters last year in some of our trips to America an Europe . Since in Japan , the bitters thing still quite new . Definitely your book is going to be a good point of reference for us here in Japan . cheers!!!

  3. John Kane-Hartnett 03/01/2014

    Attended a Bitters class at Solage in Calistoga held by Scott Turnbull. I’m hooked. Ordered the book and have two batches of bitters going. Thanks

  4. Anna 03/29/2015

    Nicely done on the book. Thanks!

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